10 high adrenaline innovative surfing spinoffs

Surfing spinoffs: 10 super high adrenaline innovations

Surfing is one of the most innovative sports around, continuously adjusting to the needs of the new generations. We discuss 10 high octane spinoffs of this sports. Plenty of interesting footage!

Surfing: for old and new generations

Let’s have some fun today. Do you miss the sun already? It’s near the end of summer, but never mind, there is still plenty of time for some good old surfin! Surfing has actually been one of those sports, that has continuously been innovating itself in order to adjust to new times and hence to new generations. Surfing was and still is representing a sense of freedom and independence. Add a bit of technology, speed, high octane fun and togetherness and off you go. The sport has all the elements that will appeal to new generations.

Do you still remember the old surf dudes? The Californian beach boys, that camped in Volkswagen minivans and explored new frontiers and especially new waves. Citius, altius, fortius, no wave was and is high enough! Do you still remember, the golden boy Robbie Naish, who took windsurfing to the next level? All of these guys had and still have a couple of things in common. They love the water, they are free spirits, they are buddies and like to explore the ultimate in their sports, be it through innovation or through pure performance.

GenZ and Gen Alpha much alike

Sounds pretty much as the new youngsters in town, doesn’t it? I mean Gen Z and Gen Alpha. They share some of those traits and habits. They are still young but as a generation are expected to particularly focus on things like togetherness, sustainability, freedom and independence, having an own identity, technology and having a high octane level of fun. Surfing ideally suits them in my opinion, particularly as the sports is continuously innovating and adding new spinoffs, which should attract these new gens.

Old traditional sports have in many cases been one tracked and are lacking sufficient innovation. This is why some are seeing the number of participants in their sports coming down. It’s the result of a lack of lateral, out of the box thinking combined with a conservative mindset, exactly the opposite of what (wind)surfers and their (new) spinoff sports are standing for. They have been able to innovate their sports and adjust it to current requirements.

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The list of ten new (surf related) sports exemplifies this. Mind you, it is not even all-inclusive. Pick your choice, I am sure that if you love the water, at least one of them will appeal big time!

1. Jet powered fliteboarding

What a barrel of fun!! Watch the video and you will be hooked. It seems like ultimate freedom, it has that level of tech, it is greem and it certainly shows a sense of independence. Moreover, it is very easy to learn. One problem however, the price is a bit high! But I am sure, this will come down as so often the case. No doubt, it will hit a couple of strings of the average Gen Alpha and GenZ. Even better, I wouldn’t mind trying fliteboarding myself some time and I am an old Gen Xer out of the windsurfing era.

2. Windsurf foiling

I am sure you are familiar with windsurfing. Everybody has tried it some time in his or her life. It is fun and pretty much accessible. Windsurfing has been continuously innovating and is by now a household name in the Olympics. Nevertheless, to new generations, it has become a bit dusty. Not for long, because the 2024 Olympics will introduce foil windsurfing and no doubt this is the future of windsurfing. The video above tells it all! High adrenaline competition, the elements, speed and a sense of togetherness. Moreover, you don’t need a lot of wind involved here to go! Step on your board and go!

3. Hydrofoil surfing

If you can ride waves without a foil, why not trying it with a foil? The ultimate feeling of flying high above the waves flying like a bird. Freedom and happiness, nothing less. Today’s dudes have discovered a new toy they cannot do without. It’s called a hydrofoil!

4. Sup surf foiling

Did you ever try to SUP? It’s fun and gives you a great workout. Well, now Stand Up Paddling has a new dimension. Why not adding a hydrofoil? It’s great, you can do it with and without waves and it definitely adds speed and fun to your experience.

5. Dronesurfing: take a ride!

If Leonardo da Vinci (how would he have innovated sports) would still have lived, he would have loved this one and taken his hat off for this smart innovation! The combination of a drone and kitesurfing creates a spectacular spinoff sport. Wind is no longer required! Again, it is typical Gen Alpha and GenZ: fun, a reflection of your identity, free spirited and technology is part of it. I believe it is a perfect example of lateral thinking. The water calls! Enjoy your ride!

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6. Kite surfing with and without foils 

If surfers can do it, the daredevils of the sea don’t want to be left behind. Kitesurfing in itself has already been a great innovation in itself, but give these riders a foil and there you go, kitefoiling. No doubt, this will be a sports to stay around. Flying high in the sky and reaching ultimate speed reaching ultimate heights. I bet, this one is to stay. And if you don’t like the video, enjoy at least the good music featured in it.

7. Flowriding

If you don’t have waves, why not building a machine that can create them. Flowriding is your thing! Ordinary surfing, Tricks, acrobatics and all of it at any place you can imagine. Create your own beach and party and have fun!

8. Wingsurfing 

If waves can make you move, wings can do it also. This is as close to flying as it can be. Just install your hydrofoil and take your wings and off you go. Be Jonathan Seagull and be different than the herd. This is wingsurfing and it is here to stay.

9. Subwing

And you thought everything is taking place above the water. Let’s replace the scene and dive below the surface. What about this one? Experience the waters like never before. Glide effortlessly through it like a dolphin and do whatever trick you feel like, with your friends or without them. Yes, this is Subwing. Don’t you want to give it a try? I certainly do!

10. Supyoga

Ok, after all these high adrenaline activities, it is time for a bit of Zen and mindfulness, supyoga! If you can do yoga on the beach or at home, why not trying it on a board? No doubt it will improve your sense of balance, whilst the water will quiet your mind. In any case, again it is different from conventions. If you like yoga, why not trying it some time.

There you go! No doubt more new boarding sports will follow as the innovative mind of surfers never seems to stop. I wonder which are the ones you like most. Please share your thoughts and your preferences and if you’ve got a new idea, let me know!

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