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Hello everyone!

What about me! First of all, welcome to my blog on the innovation and future of sports. Let me introduce myself. I am Jan Kees Mons. Just call me JK, that’s easier I guess. I am a Dutchman living together with my lovely wife in the forests near the city of Amsterdam.

I just love sports….

Why starting a blog on the future of sports, you may wonder. That’s because I just love it. When I talk about it, I start smiling and am immediately all ears! Unfortunately, I never have been truly talented in sports or I just might have chosen the wrong one. Instead I just enjoy it and in my spare time you can find me on the golfcourse or on my bicycle. Besides I like to read and paint. A day is truly too short.

Career change…

Let me tell you a bit on my background. I have been an investment analyst and head of research for an investment bank for many years. However, several years ago I decided it was time for change.

As you know by now, I love sports. Therefore it might not surprise you that I decided to take on a Masters in International Sports Management. This turned out to be a great period in my life. Studying sports with several top athletes, I just loved it! After this period I took on a course in lifecoaching. At the moment I am happy to be active as a sports commentator for Eurosport (sailing and golf), as an independent financial consultant and as a lifecoach (www.maxspiration.com).

Making things better…..

Realizing your true potential and making things better, that is what is important to me. Hence you will probably not be surprised that some of my main values are development, growth and learning. Maybe these are important reasons behind my love for sports. In any case they were drivers behind my decision to start a blog on the future of it.

I believe that elite sports is all about realizing potential and becoming better. This is why my blog investigates how this can be achieved on all levels. For example from the perspective of the athlete or that of the fan, but also how the industry will develop and how individual sports have to adjust to new environments. It’s about innovation, generations, trends and the future!

Lectures and consultancy

If you are interested in interactive presentations or want to brainstorm on your sports or sports related activity, let me know. I love to present my views and hope I can add value to your venture.

Let’s connect!

I plan to regularly publish a blog article and hope you will enjoy reading it. In any case feel free to comment and subscribe. Tell me what you like but also what you don’t like! If you want to share something or if you are active in the innovation of sports, maybe you can use this platform for your own benefit or maybe we can cooperate in some other way. Think of an interview, a guest blog etc. That’s all win-win! In any case, let’s connect!

My e-mail is: [email protected]