5 sports innovations

5 exciting sports innovations that will spark your mind

Innovation is fun! It shows the progress we make as humanity becoming ever more resourceful. I always admire these new smart ideas, disrupting the conventional thinking. Sports are no different. Below you will find 5 great sports innovations from the last few years, which not only show the greatness of the human mind, but also are fun and in some cases even disruptive. They should particularly appeal to the younger new generations, but I admit, I wouldn’t mind having them myself!

Led snowboard: light up your fire!

This snowboard should be the absolute ultimate to the average GenZ’er! With the number of floodlit slopes ever increasing, this board is literally on fire. Watch the video and I am sure you enjoy it! Trick and move detection, music synchronization, what else do you want? It truly is ticking quite a few of the GenZ boxes (see my blog on how GenZ will change the world of sports). They can express their identity, it is fun to watch, spectacular and merges with music and technology. Out of the box invention of the makers! I want one! What about you?

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Dronesurfing: take a ride!

If Leonardo da Vinci (how would he have innovated sports) would still have lived, he would have loved this and taken his hat off for this smart idea! The combination of a drone and kitesurfing creates a spectacular spinoff sport. Wind is no longer required! Again, it is typical GenZ: fun, a reflection of your identity, free spirited and technology is part of it. I believe it is a perfect example of lateral thinking. The water calls! Surfing has never been as much fun. Enjoy your ride!

Smart Yoga pants: your private instructor

What about haptic feedback? This one is chill! Wearable X markets smart yoga pants. Sensors can do anything these days! These are biometric leggings that vibrate in order to correct your yoga positions. It’s your perfect yoga teacher at the time you want and against a much lower price. What more do you want, certainly in these Corona times, which keep you away from your yoga guru. Again a perfect example of what innovation can do. Smart out of the box thinking, which brings yoga to your home. Let’s do that downward dog right now!

VR trainer: fitness is fun

Fitness might be boring but not any longer. With this great BoxVR trainer, the makers have gamified fitness and brought it to an entire new level. BoxVR (note that VR and gamifying are important trends in the sports world) is a trainer curated rhythm boxing game and is a cardio-heavy workout that uses your own bodyweight for conditioning. Choose your own workout and music and start hitting, scoring those points and breaking your own record. This way, it’s fun to work out. GenZ must like this one. Again technology combined with music and health! I have to admit, the music in this video is not my choice….

Note that AR and VR are entering the sports world fast and many new apps have been ctreated to make sports an awful lot more fun. Gamification is the name of the game

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Ultimate cycling

I am from the ultimate cycling country, The Netherlands. Why did nobody think of this one? Danish company CeramicSpeed has developed a bicycle drivetrain. No chain, no derailleurs! As important, almost no power generated by a rider’s legs is lost. In essence, it is simple. It is shaft driven and almost friction less. Can’t wait to try this one. Anything helps and I can use everything! Not surprisingly, it has won some major awards

Running against your hologram

I couldn’t refuse to include this one. It is just too much fun. Imagine yourself running. Boring, isn’t it. At least that’s my opinion. However, with this great invention I might reconsider. All of a sudden you have a running mate with you, which is stimulating you to run. It could even be yourself. AR goggles do the trick! It’s fun as you can see and I am sure it will be a succes!

This post was originally published on November 5, 2019

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